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Welcome To Hunter's Legacy

Welcome to Hunter's Legacy

Hello And Welcome to Hunter's Legacy, an Alternate Universe Supernatural Fanfiction Series featuring The Winchester Family- including a new member of the family, Kate, whose Journal can be found on the nav bar.

The stories for Hunter's Legacy can be found here with some awesome banners created by the lovely Rae, whose fanfictions you should check out at

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to give feedback on the series or anything on this community.

Note: some characters will be crossovers from other shows so check this space for any crossover of characters that might appear.

Cast List:

Jeffrey D. Morgan -  John Winchester
Jensen Ackles -       Dean Winchester
Jared Padelecki -    Sam Winchester
Sophia Bush -          Kate Winchester

Jim Beaver -             Bobby Singer
Samantha Ferris -   Ellen Harvelle
Katie Cassidy -        Ruby
Lauren Cohan -       Bella Talbot

Eliza Dhuski -          Faith Lehane
Amy Acker -              Illyria
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